de' tudungs Added....

de' Sempoi!

de' Sempoi.. as what I called it coz it is very convenient for any occasions. Nak pakai jalan ke, jogging ke, santai-santai sumer pun ok....the material mmg best. Sejuk.

The price for de' Sempoi is RM20.00 per piece

de' Originals

More tudungs ar coming....btw, these are the originals tudungs that I have started with....LOVE it! and still do. Believe it or not I still top-up to my collections.. by which being a distributor and collector...

de' Orginals you can get it for RM28.00 per piece

de' Upgraded Tudungs

These are some of the upgraded tudungs which are in-hands right now. Cepat sebelum terlambat...even myself pun too attracted to these tudung...yg mana ader more than one pics tu are my favourites...hehe. ok happy browsing and feel free to contact me.

The price is RM30.00 per piece.

de' tudungs..

These are the some of the sweet tudungs open for sale...the tudungs are very comfortable and convenient for any occasions. Kindly email me for the price. Colours are as what you can see here and there are some which I have not post yet. Kindly request directly to me for other choices.


If you can see from the below pictures, there are varities of tudungs offered :selendang with 'awning', ekin lycra and ekin cotton. I still don't have the chance to upload all the tudungs yet but these are some for your view at the moment.


Happy browsing and I am happy to receive your order. Percaya atau tidak, you will love the tudungs coz before this I am the 'pembeli setia' which I share the experience with all my frenz and they loves it too!! This not only the 'sales-talk', you have to try to believe...


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